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How to post a photo on Instagram

Instagram is a great place to post photos. It's a very popular social app for sharing. But in order to use it, you have to understand that it was designed to be used with your phone, and you can't post photos from anywhere except your phone. That is, you can't post from your desktop computer.

So, the first thing that you need to do is to take a photo with your phone. You can, of course, do workarounds to get photos onto your phone other ways (such as downloading from Flickr, to name one trick), but the easiest way is to just take a picture. That's what the app was designed for - take a photo and share it.

Instagram icon for posting a photo

Once you've taken the photo, look at the bottom of your phone screen for an icon that looks like a box with a plus inside of it. No, I have no idea what it's supposed to be, except that it's one of those tiny little icons that are designed to save space on phones, and not be in any particular language.

Click on that, and Instagram will take you through a few steps, one of which is to add a filter to the photo, which is what made this app popular in the first place. If you have a crummy photo by all means add a filter to it to make it look better, if it's a good photo, you should just skip doing the filter.

A very short description is the best way to go. Just a few words, a short sentence. And then add a hashtag to it like this: #flowers or #dogs. The pound sign is a hashtag, and when you do that, your photo will show up when people search for flowers, or dogs, or whatever you hashtag.

Oh yeah, unlike Facebook, Instagram isn't a place for making a lot of comments, although you can. It's a place to look at photos, and if you like them, click on the "heart" button, which is the equivalent of "like".

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Why you shouldn't post on Facebook if you don't want to be criticized

Facebook is a lot of fun, but by its nature it's a place where people criticize. It's not the fault of your friends, it's just how it turns out to be the way that people naturally use Facebook. If you post a photo of a beautiful sunset, someone will notice that one of the palm trees has a funny shape. If you post a photo of some clouds, someone will argue that the clouds in their home town are better. That's because Facebook is designed for commenting, and often people don't know what else to say except a criticism, or something snarky. It can be frustrating, but I have the solution: Instagram.

If you haven't used Instagram yet, try it. It really is the best "ta-da" sharing images app out there. Yes, comments are allowed, but they're rarely used. Mostly you'll get the equivalent of a Facebook "like" which is an Instagram "heart". Take a photo of your dog, post it on Instagram, and you'll get hearts. Post it on Facebook and you'll get a criticism of the color or shape of your dog's collar, or that the fence in the background needs paint. That's just the way it is.

I've been posting on both places for a long time now, and have found Facebook a wonderful place for critiques, and advice. I am in several groups, and if I post a photo of a plant of mine that has something strange going on with the leaves, a Facebook comment will help. If I just want to post a beautiful "ta-da" photo of my garden, it's better on Instagram.

If it seems strange to you that I don't necessarily always want criticism, it's because there are many instances in my life where I'd really just appreciate an "atta boy". I found that on Instagram, and it feels good.