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March 5, 2019

Why you should use a Facebook business page, not a group, to drive traffic to your business

When I first started joining groups on Facebook, for gardening, etc. I really had no idea that many businesses wanted to use that group to drive traffic. And driving traffic is a marketing term for advertising to a group and making them go somewhere else. On the web, it's a webpage, and IRL (In Real Life) it's to a store. Driving traffic is nothing new, and neither is using a group to do that. And it's awful. You shouldn't ever do that, and I'll tell you why.

I'm not saying that telling people about your product or service is awful, don't get me wrong, but doing it in a Facebook group is terrible. Yes, of course there are people who would like to know where, for example, you bought the flower bulbs, but if you post a link to a website, even innocently, you're breaking an important rule - you're driving traffic. The administrator of the group can't tell if you're just trying to be helpful (which can happen) or if you had planned all along to join the group to drive traffic. Don't don't do that in a group.

But waitminute, don't give up on Facebook - create a business page. There's nothing sneaky and underhanded about posting links to your website on your business page - after all, that's what it's for. And no one will be made to feel as if they're being scammed because it's obviously a business page. That's the place to post photos, attract interest, and post links. Driving traffic is perfectly acceptable on a Facebook business page. In fact, if you want to make it easy for people to find your business, by posting links, or the address, or a phone number, or something.

I'm an old marketing guy, and it's something that I've learned by spending time on Facebook for the past several years. Facebook can be a fun place, or it can be an awful place, full of nasty people who are trying to do something underhanded. I know that that's not you, you're a good person, and you'd like people to know about your product or service. So take the time to make a Facebook business page.

My Facebook business page is for history adventuring, and it's here

February 22, 2019

How and why to do a video blog (Vlog) on YouTube

If you've been thinking about writing a blog, I encourage you. Speaking for myself, I like to write down my thoughts. A blog is kind of like a diary, except that people on the internet can see it. And even if you've checked off every "privacy" box you can, if you put something out on the internet, you need to consider it public. Personally, I like that, as it makes me feel as if I'm not just talking to myself. Although talking to myself is exactly what I do on my blogs (I write several), and I write stuff the way that I would like to be spoken to. I don't like rants, and very few people do. Just talk about stuff, like I'm doing here. Don't be preachy, don't be sarcastic. You can be funny, if you're a funny person naturally, if not, don't try. Please. So I encourage you to write a blog!

Anyway, an even better thing to do is a Vlog, which is a video blog. It's really the same idea, except that instead of typing, you talk. If you have a good speaking voice, it's for you. And if you have a "face for radio", don't panic, because although you'll want to show your face a bit, mostly people don't like staring at faces the whole time in a video, so you can show the world around you, all you have to do is to move the camera away from your face to what you're looking at.

Remember that attention spans are short on the internet, so don't go thinking that you're gonna hold someone's attention in a video for a half-hour. That being said, don't make them so short that it might as well be a gif. Just a few minutes is fine, but no shorter, and certainly no longer than fifteen minutes.

And there's no need to go all "Hollywood" on the video. Fancy introductions are just a waste on an internet video - get to the point right away. I'd suggest that you start the video with the camera pointed at your face, and then panned to see what you're talking about. I'm assuming that you're talking about maybe walking along a scenic trail, or maybe skydiving.

And no "infomercial" stuff! If you're tempted to turn you video into one long commercial, don't. It's OK to say that you're in, for example, the wilderness of Maine, but there's no reason to make it a sales pitch. People hate that. They can Google Maine themselves if they want to. Just show them a mountain, or a flower. You don't even have to say the name of the mountain, or the species of flower. In fact, it would better if you didn't.

You can record it on your phone, but do everyone a favor and don't upload it from there. Do a bit of trimming as necessary on your desktop computer, and then upload it to YouTube. And don't be tempted to add a bunch of music, or captioning, that just spoils the sincerity of the video. But do check that the sound is OK, that your voice isn't drowned out by the sound of the ocean, that sort of thing.

I'm looking forward to seeing your first Vlog post! If you have a camera phone, a YouTube account, a face, and a voice, you can do this.