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Art explained

I once had a painting teacher who said that if you could say it with words, you wouldn't have to paint it. But there's something irresistible in trying to describe artwork with words, and as a teacher, I try.

Developing an eye for art, whether it be painting, graphic design, fashion or anything, takes time. If you're interested in learning about it, then reading about it or listening to someone talk about it won't do it. You have to experience it.

If you're interested in, say, painting, try this. Go to an art museum. Look at the paintings. No, don't read about them, don't talk to people about them, don't try to memorize the names of the artists and the year they were born. Just look.

Graphic design - go to a mall, or any store. My personal favorite display of current graphic design is CD covers.

Fashion - look at what people are wearing. You may want to start at Walmart.

It's another language and it really can't be translated into words. That's all I have to say.