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Drawing caricatures

I had a drawing teacher who once said, "spend more time looking than drawing". So when you sit down in front of me to have your caricature drawn, I look. I want to see your face in motion and I want to be able to picture the structure of your face in my mind. Most of my "drawing" happens before I put pen to paper. So, please talk to me, and smile!

Many people are afraid of having their caricature drawn, and for good reason. Some caricature artists use insulting and exaggerating effects in place of any true drawing skill. I'd like to believe that I have true drawing skill and that is why I am able to do flattering caricatures. That is, getting a likeness without doing a degrading image. Like a good photo, I am trying to bring out the best in everyone.

A flattering caricature captures a likeness. When you smile at it, it should be the feeling you get when you recognize a friend.