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Drawing explained

Drawing is all about seeing. I started drawing as a kid and I believe that it was a way to try to make sense out of the world for me. I still love to see and I don't draw as much as I used to. If you are interested in drawing, I would like to give some encouragement.

Don't be afraid to copy. I don't care what anyone around you says. It's how all artists start out. Find an artist you admire and copy their style. When I was a kid, I admired and copied Jack Kirby, Mort Drucker and Andrew Wyeth to name a few. Drawing is a visual language and you don't learn it by reading about it or talking about it. You learn it by looking at it.

The next step is to break out of formulas. A formula is a kind of "short-hand" for drawing. You know, think of the guy that always draws the same picture of a dog. That's fine to start but you will need to break away. To do this, find something common, as common-place as your room and draw it. But don't draw what's in your mind, draw what you see. Let your eyes guide your hand. The drawing above is of my first apartment in Phoenix when I was 20 years old.

Spend more time looking than drawing.