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Even more names of digital files explained

Abbreviations bother me. To me, if seems as if someone is trying to make something seem more complicated than it really is. I'd like someday to form an organization for the prevention of the use of meaningless abbreviations - but I would have to call it TOFTPOGUOMA, and I don't like that.

For those of you using digital images in the print world, you may have used a TIFF file, which stands for Tagged Information File Format. This file format supports higher image quality than the internet can display so it is best used for printing in process color.

If the image file can only be used by the software that created it, it is called RAW, which doesn't stand for anything. It just means raw, like raw meat.

An AVI file is Audio Video Interleave. I'm not sure I want to know what "Interleave" means, but I know what audio and video are. That part makes sense.