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More names of digital files explained

As soon as you learn something in the digital imaging world, something else is invented and you have to learn that. This becomes a frustrating world of alphabet soup when you consider all of the abbreviations that are in use.

For example, a relatively new image file type is called a PNG file, which stands for Portable Network Graphic. This is a type of file, invented in the mid-nineties but just catching on now, that was specifically designed to work on the web. It will replace the old GIF format, which stands for Graphical Interchange Format. Like the GIF file, PNG files support transparency and are much smaller than JPEGS.

PNG files and GIF files will be replaced by SVG files. SVG means Scalable Vector Graphics. As you know, pixel-based images are usually much larger than vector-based ones. And on the internet, smaller file size is best.