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Setting pixel and file size on your digital camera

If you are new to using digital cameras, or if you've just always been frustrated, I hope that this will help.

For years, digital cameras have been growing in "Mega-Pixels". This sounds great, but in reality it usually means that you end up getting images that use up all of the space on your memory card after only a half-dozen shots, display way too big on your computer and are unusable if you want to email them.

This good news is that you can fix this and you don't need "Photoshop" or anything else. It's just a setting in your camera. Go to the menu of your camera, go to "Settings" or similar and select the lowest setting. On mine, it's called "normal". Yours may give pixel dimensions. Pick the smallest one. This will give you a great image on your computer, a size that looks great printed out on your printer and a file that you can email.

You may wonder, "why did I pay so much for a Super-Duper Mega-Pixel camera if I'm going to be using the lowest pixel setting?" Uh, you didn't need to. But a lot of people are and that's why my clients want to know how to fix this problem. I hope this helps.