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What a layout artist is

I am a layout artist. You can call me a graphic designer or just a designer. This has made me a good living over the years and is an important part of my industry, which is part of marketing. And I love doing this.

A layout artist positions things. He (or she) may or may not create the elements being positioned. For example, a layout artist determines the size of the photos, graphics and type on a page, whether printed or on the web.

A layout artist is interested in composition. Composition is the taking of different "bits and pieces" and making them work together. A layout artist on a movie creates the storyboards, which show the relative size and placement of the objects - and the actors - in the scene. You can think of your interior designer as a "layout person" (although they would want to be called that). Their job is not to manufacture the furniture or drapery, but to combine things together. There are layout artists in many industries.

In the music world, it's the person who does the arrangements. They determine how the difference instruments and voices work together. Should there be a guitar? Drums? A violin? How about more cow bell?

In dance, it's the choreographer. In garden design, it's the garden architect.

If you've ever admired a beautiful design (whether a garden, a room or a web page) and tried to get that "feeling" by just buying a particular plant, or piece of furniture, or font, you may have been frustrated.

You need a layout artist.
Contact me. And if it works, it makes you look good.