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March 9, 2010

Using style sheets in Adobe Illustrator

Many people don't think of using a style sheet in Adobe Illustrator to style text. I'd like to recommend that you do. Using a style sheet is at the heart of the perfect relationship between computers and people. Computers like to remember things, people like to be creative. If you are trying to remember what size font, or what color font or the paragraph spacing, etc., this is not a good use of your human, creative brain. Hand it over to the computer!

I recently did a small project for a client which was just a series of colored boxes with quotations from their clients in them. I created two style sheets, one called "quote" and one called "names".

To do this, create the first colored box and style the text the way you want it. Then, with the text selected,  go to Window>Type>Paragraph Styles and click on the create new icon (looks like a piece of paper folded on the corner) and give the style a name.

When your client wants to see a change - a different font, different alignment, different color, whatever, you change it once in the style sheet and it changes it throughout the document for you. A big time saver, and much more accurate than doing everything by hand - and by human memory!

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