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Cartoon Illustration

I have been doing more cartoon illustrations lately. This is how it works - I start by submitting a rough sketch for the client based on what they need.

This client, Rambling Russ, wrote " jumping off the picnic table, head down, feet flailing in air, great big grin on my face, and in the foreground maybe 3 or 4 seated including the cute little red head I was trying to impress.  Although I was much younger, we can keep any illustrations of me in my present bald headed form, mustache, but no glasses.  A close resemblance to me is not important to the illustration."

I submitted the rough sketch in pencil, which gives the client an idea of what the drawing will look like and allows them to make corrections if necessary, and then the I do the final art in ink and submit it as a jpeg.

It's all handled through email and Paypal.

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