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Learning Adobe Illustrator

If you want to be a professional Graphic Designer, you must know Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator separates the pros from the "wanna-be's" in the industry.

There are many reasons why knowing Adobe Illustrator, and knowing it well, is your "badge of honor" as a Graphic Designer.

It shows that you understand vectors. If someone is not familiar with how vectors work to create shapes, they probably don't know how to use page layout programs, like InDesign or QuarkXPress very well.

Another reason why employers are impressed by you if you are good in Adobe Illustrator is that it is not a "figure it out by messing around with it" software program. I have been teaching Adobe Illustrator since the mid-nineties and have heard many, many times that people who have tried to figure it out by just opening the program and driving it around get nowhere. People who know Adobe Illustrator are valuable.

If you want to be a professional Graphic Designer, learn Adobe Illustrator. But learning it out of a book or from an online tutorial can be a frustration. Find a class at a local community college. If you are fortunate enough to live in California, take a training session from my good friends at and of course, you can always contact me.