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May 20, 2010

Using Photoshop for ebay listings

Good, clear, sharp photos are the most important selling tool on ebay. Photoshop is an important tool to achieve this.

As a former art director, I know how important it is to start with the best photo possible. If there is an imperfection in your photo, such as a bad shadow, do not "Photoshop it", reshoot it. Yeah, photographers hated me, too.

Your goal for a photo on ebay is to be as clear and honest as possible. That means - put away all of those "image manipulation" tools. Minor imperfections will show on your items and that is normal. Don't "Photoshop them out" - not only is that unethical but when the actual item arrives to the buyer, they will feel cheated. And you will have cheated them. Don't do that!

What you do want to do in Photoshop is to crop and then set the image size to 1600 pixels at its longest size. You can do a gentle sharpen or brighten, but very, very little. The original photo should be in razor-sharp focus. If not, go shoot it again. Clean the item, clean your camera lens. Look at the background.

When you get ready to upload to ebay, select the zoom and supersize options. Yeah, ebay gets a few extra cents for this. Be sure to check your listing after it goes up. If it the ebay photo windows says, "Zoom unavailable" upload them again, and get it right this time. By the way, "Zoom Unavailable" also says to potential buyers "this item isn't worth much". Having just one photo says the same thing. Have lots of photos, lots of angles. Show it off! Don't "shoot around" imperfections, but don't zoom in on them either.

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