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August 23, 2010

How to get your web site on Google with keywords

When you need to find something on the web, you go to Google. You type in a few words about what you are looking for, Google brings up a page, and you glance at it to see which web site you should visit.

Since you know that, you already know how to make your own site more visible to people who are looking for you. This is all about "keywords". Those are the words that people will be thinking of when they are looking for your product or service. If you sell hammers, you need to include the word "hammers" as a keyword on your web page. The words "Cheerful Al's Hardware Supply" will not index "hammers" in Google. Want to sell hammers? Use the words "hammers".

There are many, many places to use keywords on your web site. If you do it everywhere, it will greatly increase the ability of Google to index your page, and therefore, have your page pop up in a Google search. Here are the places that your keywords should be:

1) On the page. And not as a jpeg or an abbreviation. Your webmaster should use an H tag, by the way.
2) In the title. If possible. Of course you can't list everything in your title, but if you specialize in hammers, include the keyword "hammer".
3) In hyperlinks. Instead of "click here", write "wooden hammer". Google will index that!
4) In your metadata tags. This is invisible on the page but it's also something that Google reads. The HTML goes like this: meta name="keywords". While you're at it, it's best to have a meta name="description", which is the paragraph that shows up on the Google page.

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