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How to keep your web site current

Designing a web site is truly like hitting a moving target. Even if you've tested it in all browsers and on all platforms, things can change. Your web page may have been fine in 2008 but now it's having troubles. The best thing that you can do is add a link to the page that says, "Contact webmaster".

Telling someone that their web site isn't displaying properly, like the one about the 1970s pictured, or links are dead, or go to the wrong place, or search engines don't work, is a basic courtesy of people, like me, who design web pages. It's no more trouble to me than telling someone that they have left their sunglasses at a checkout line.

As I surf, when I see a problem with a web site, I look for the "contact webmaster" link and send a cheery note. It usually goes something like, "hi guys, I noticed that...." I sign it "Brad" and with my signature as a link I'm not trying to sell anything and I don't expect anything back. Sometimes a webmaster will write back with a "hey, thanks!", which makes me feel good. Hopefully if anyone sees a problem with a web page of mine, they will take a few seconds and write to me.

Unfortunately, some web pages, even very professional ones, don't have a "contact webmaster". And sometimes, even when they do, I get a message back that says "It looks fine to me", or some other argument. The bottom line is, have a way for someone to contact you on your site. If someone sees a problem with their site, they may take a few moments to let you know, and that small kindness can keep your site from looking stupid.