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How to tell if you are a creative person

We are all creative to a certain degree. I have been teaching Graphic Design since 1996 and I have learned to recognize degrees of creativity. Just having a messy desk doesn't make you a "creative person", and being able to find the file on your computer that you were working on yesterday doesn't make you an "uncreative one".

First of all, for a creative person, design truly exists. If you really don't see "what the fuss is all about", you may not ever be able to see. If, to you, a 1964 Mustang is about the same as a 1964 Ford Falcon, that is, it's a car with four wheels, etc., you can save a lot of money. Design adds value, and in turn, adds cost. Ford was able to increase the price of the Mustang over the Falcon for one reason only - design.

Here is a good test of your creativity - take a bunch of blocks and dump them out in front of you. If you don't know what to do, and perhaps are waiting for instructions, consider the fact that you knew exactly what to do when you were four years old! Some people never lose that ability. If you have lost it, maybe you can get some back. If you've really lost it, you will have a deep animosity for the whole process, considering it "pointless and silly". Quite possibility you will get in the way of creative people. In my Graphic Design classes, I tried to gently keep these people out of the way of the creative people. I tried to create distractions and entertainment, including showing movies and cartoons while the class was working.

Creative people learn by doing. They learn best from projects, not from tutorials. They aren't good at memorizing things and then writing them down on a test. They like to see their finished work, and that is what inspires them, not grades or money. But good grades and money follow these people because design is important, and companies are willing to pay for it.

Whatever your learning style is, from "way too creative" to "kind'a creative", I can help you learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Dreamweaver. Please contact me for a personal on-site training session in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Cartoon illustration, "A neat desk is the sign of a sick mind" copyright Joel Weldon and Associates. Used with permission.