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In defense of technology

If you have ever heard someone complain about how technology is "taking over their life" or that they are "owned by their things", it may be someone who has never done without.

I've always embraced technology for how it can enrich our lives. This is why I have always been so enthusiastic about teaching and training on the computer. But "technology", as I've often said, isn't just computers and ereaders. It is every invention and machine that makes life better.

When I was going to college, my refrigerator freezer in my apartment was never cold enough for me to keep ice cream. Believe me, even thirty years later, I think about that piece of technology that I have in my house. Being able to store frozen foods in your house is definitely life-enriching!

When the computer software for the Graphic Design field was invented, I jumped on it and loved it. Adobe Illustrator meant no more T-squares, or ink dripped or smudged. Page layout programs meant no more glue! I have been using email since the early nineties - and that meant - no more "phone tag"!

I like technology.

If you would like to learn more about Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Dreamweaver - and how cool they are and how they can make your life better - please contact me. I do personal training sessions in the Phoenix, Arizona area.