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August 24, 2010

Losing your fear of technology

A few years ago, while I was outside of a dentist's office, just killing time, I was accosted by an elderly lady who was offended by what I was doing. What I was doing was checking through my appointments for that day on my PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). She told me that "in her day - people remembered appointments." Which, apparently, meant that she grew up before the invention of writing!

I like technology. That has helped me teach it. Most of this stuff is pretty cool. But technology didn't just start a couple of years ago. If I had lived in the stone age, I would have gone around telling people how cool the new invention "the wheel" was! In the middle ages, I would have been enthusiastic about the crossbow. When cars were invented, I would have been been one of the first people to own one.

For me, technology isn't cool just for it's own sake. It's what it can do that matters. If you think that you have a "fear of technology", consider how much technology you are comfortable with, and never give it a second thought. Your great-great grandparents wouldn't have had a clue on how to operate an elevator!

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