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Selling on ebay

If you're fairly comfortable using the web, selling on ebay is fun. It's really just a "click and build" kind of thing. You fill in the blanks and the ebay program does the rest.

In my experience, the best place to start is to have something worth selling. People don't go looking for stuff that they can find at a garage sale on ebay.  You have to consider that an ebay buyer must be willing to spend several dollars on shipping, and no one is going to do that for a 25-cent trinket.

If you have something that you think is valuable, do your homework. Research it. Most of it can be done on ebay and all of it can be done from the comfort of your computer. Just because you think you have a "First Edition To Kill a Mockingbird" doesn't mean it is. People who are going to pay good money will know. And being "innocent" of information makes you look like you are trying to cheat people on ebay. Don't do that.

Another vitally important thing is to get the shipping costs right. Collectors of baseball bats know that it costs $14 to ship using Fed Ex Ground, so list it at that price. Inflating the shipping charges, to handle miscellaneous expenses like boxing and tape are not only frowned on by ebay, but it makes you look a little suspicious. If you are going to lie about the shipping charges, bidders may think you are lying about something else. Post the correct shipping charge. The box, tape, etc. comes under the heading of "cost of business" - and that comes out of your profit.

Ebay is like anything else, there are bad guys there. But the vast majority are good people like you and me who are buying and selling.

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