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August 28, 2010

Upgrading to a new computer

Buying a new computer is like buying a new car. You don't realize how "out-of-date" your old one is until you start driving the new one. Only a little over three years had passed since I bought my old computer, but in that short time things had changed.

I traded in my old 2007 iMac for a new one. It is essentially the same machine, but a modern version, which is pretty cool. The screen is larger and sharper, and there's more RAM and disk space. I've owned an iMac since the 90s - mine was "blueberry". If you remember those colorful bubbly-shaped Macs, they came in colors like tangerine, etc. And they were slick and very powerful. And they still are today.

If you are tempted to buy a computer, this is a great time. I was honestly surprised at how inexpensive this beautiful machine was. I bought mine in Peoria, Arizona at MacMedia and it was a great experience. They did a data transfer from my backup drive so when I brought the computer home and plugged it in, I was ready to go. All my stuff was there! The iMac itself cost about $1,200 and they gave me $250 credit for my trade in. The data transfer was an extra $75 and well worth it. And a couple of phone calls to iron out questions I had were answered with courtesy and knowledge.

I make my living on this computer. If you do the same, do yourself a favor and retire that sad old wreck that you're working on. MacMedia will even recycle it properly.

Interested in learning Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Dreamweaver? On a PC or a Mac, I can help. Contact me if you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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