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August 30, 2010

How write a blog using pictures

Blogs present a particular problem if you would like to use pictures. Since the page layout is, by its nature, a single column that scrolls vertically, the pictures are "in-line", that is, they occur between paragraphs. The dilemma is to how to caption them. In a magazine or a book, or even on a full-size web page, there is room to caption them at the bottom. In a blog, there isn't. If you've ever read a blog and wondered if the text was referring to the picture above or below, you know what I mean.

The solution is to get rid of the idea of "captions" in your blog entirely. They just won't work. If you insist on this, as your reader scrolls down, the picture will appear before the "caption". And the "caption" for that picture may look like a description for the next picture, and so on.

The solution requires that you think differently about describing your pictures. Since the description will come before the picture, it's best to write the description with that in mind. Here is a picture of Babe Ruth, considered by many to be the greatest home-run hitter of all time.
Babe Ruth was born George Herman Ruth, Jr. and is best known as "Babe Ruth" and nicknamed "the Bambino" and "the Sultan of Swat". This description "wraps around" the picture.

To put in more pictures, give your reader an idea of what they are about to see. Many people consider Henry "Hank" Aaron the greatest baseball player of all time. He set the MLB record for most career home runs.
Hank Aaron was born in Mobile, Alabama. See how nice this works? Now there is no confusion that now I am describing Hank Aaron. You can think of this as "bracketing" the pictures with a description.

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