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August 25, 2010

What M2M means to Verizon

There is a wise old saying that says - to begin learning about something, learn what it is called. I have made it a point in my teaching and training career to learn techno mumble jumble and translate it for myself and my clients. I give the benefit of the doubt to the software developers, web designers, etc. out there that they are naming things in a logical way for them. This is what they call this stuff. They are not trying to hide things, or keep it a secret, even though that's what it may seem like.

This morning's term is from the Verizon website: M2M. Since everybody I know has gone over their minutes and been charged an enormous amount of money from their cell phone carriers, it's wise to check on your usage. But, instead of the Verizon page saying "You have 1,000 minutes and you have used 999, it gives a chart. And that chart has much of the techno mumble jumble that has made working with technology so difficult in the past few years. M2M is one of them.

M2M means: Mobile to Mobile. The number "two" is used in the same way that people write "4 sale" on their cars. Abbreviations save space and many of the people designing web pages these days have been texting all of their life and that explains the use of "2" for "to". The "M" is typical of anything designed by someone who is in a particular industry and is used to the terminology. They use it so often, it would be absolutely ridiculous to them to spell it out. It would be as silly as a truck driver saying, "semi-trailer truck" instead of just saying "rig".

I hope this helps. If you're interested in learning Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Dreamweaver, please contact me. I do personal on-site training in the Phoenix, Arizona area. It's really not as difficult as it looks - once you know what things are called!

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