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September 17, 2010

How computers work

It surprises people when I sometimes admit that I really don't know how computers work. I am not a computer designer, or a physicist, so what is going on "in there" is a mystery to me. But I do know how to use them. I have been teaching computer software for over fifteen years, so I should.

I compare myself to a race car driver. I can make these machines go fast, and I can win races with them. I have a good understanding of how computers work, but I am not a mechanic. And I have great respect for people who are.

A race car driver is never ignorant of how his machine works, but he will never come close to understanding it the way his pit crew does. My suggestion is for you, if you want to do what I do, is to take the same attitude. If you want to win races, take a look at your machine. Is it so old that it is held together with tape? Is your software so out of date that causes you problems? Then, please let me tell you how computers work:

• Computers are machines. They work best with excellent maintenance, which includes keeping your software up to date. If you have a Mac, go to software update and be sure it keeps an eye on things for you. Say "yes" to updating your browser, and everything else.

• Computers are meant to be used. Drive it every day. Develop a feeling for it. It's not magic, but like a race car, it seems to know when there's an expert driver behind the wheel.

• Computers are "only human". They age. They are made up of plastic and metal, which wears with normal use. When it wears out, buy a new one. If you make your living, like I do, on a computer, buy the best one you can.

• Computers need expert medical attention sometimes. My computer's is MacMedia. They can be life-support for your computer, and your business, so treat them well.

I like computers and I would like to think that they like me back.

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