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How to make money on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is considerably easier than selling on ebay. But the principles are the same, find a product that people want, describe it accurately, and deliver on your promise.

Before you start selling on Amazon, be sure that you have purchased things there and are familiar with the process. One of the things to note is that not everything there is sold by Amazon. In many cases, Amazon just acts a facilitator, and you are actually ordering from another company, through the Amazon web site. The reason that companies sell through Amazon is that Amazon has an excellent reputation. And people, like me, who order through Amazon, like the convenience of not having to fill out an order form with my credit card number, etc. every time we want to buy something on line.

With that in mind, consider how valuable Amazon is. People trust it, because it is trustworthy. They have a stellar reputation, and justly deserved. So, selling a used item through Amazon is well worth looking into.

This is how you do it: Go to the Amazon page that has the item you want to sell. It has to be an existing item. It can be a book, or an iPod, or anything. Take a look at the button over on the right that says, "sell yours here". If you never saw that option before, don't feel bad, I never saw it until I looked into selling on Amazon. From there you go to a screen that lets you set the asking price and describe the condition of your item, from "acceptable" to "like new". It has to be that EXACT item - for books, check the ISBN number. You don't post a photo.

When someone buys the item, Amazon handles the sale, tells you to ship NOW, adds a small amount for shipping, deducts its share, and direct-deposits the money in your bank account. Of course, you have to set this all up as a seller.

Like ebay, you have to become familiar with shipping. And, here is another way that our very own United States Post Office absolutely blows away the competition - when sending books (or CDs or DVDs), choose "Media Mail" - no other shipping choice even comes close for price. But you have to play fair with the Post Office - only media, nothing else. And be sure to get a delivery confirmation receipt.

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