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September 26, 2010

How to update your web site

It's tempting to update your web site by completely redesigning it. But that's a mistake. Unless it is really so awful that no one has visited it since 1996, there is no reason to completely redo it.

In fact, changing your web site so drastically that it looks completely different is a serious marketing mistake. Consider your web site as part of your business image. You wouldn't tear down your building and put up a completely different one overnight, would you? Even if it were physically or financially possible, it would just confuse your customers.

Updating your web site should be done gently, like updating your logo. You don't want your customers to be unable to recognize you, but there comes a time when you need to bring your image a little up to date. The key is "a little". Completely changing everything and moving everything around is a good way to lose customers. Don't do that.

If you've ever visited a web site that you had been to before and thought you were in the wrong place because of a redesign, you know what I am talking about. Designs to web sites should be evolutionary, not revolutionary. Unfortunately, many times it's easier to come up with a new design than to make improvements on the existing one. If you need to change from table-based layouts to CSS-based layouts, there will probably have to be a little bit of a change. A little is OK. Please don't get carried away.

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