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Making web pages easier to read with "Readability"

Update 10/7/2011. I got Readability to work, although very, very slowly by using Google Chrome.

Update 9/28/2011 - Readability doesn't appear to be working any more. If anyone knows about it, or if the experiment has failed, please let me know!

I would like all web pages to be well-designed. The text should be clear and free of clutter. The contrast should be excellent. There should be no moving animations catching the corner of my eye. Unfortunately, too many web pages are cluttered and poorly designed.

But I have a solution when I am reading one of these "eye-burning" web pages. It's a cool little plug-in for your web browser called "Readability".

I've been using this plug-in with Firefox for about a year now and it's a pleasure. When I get to a web page that is poorly designed, or has swirling Flash animation all over it, I click on my "Readability" bookmark and it gives me a cleaned up version. It keeps the images and the videos, by the way. It just gets rid of the clutter, as their site says.

The design of your web pages shouldn't be a "jig-saw puzzle", which confuses the reader. It should be carefully designed to encourage people to read it. If it's a tangle, people will click away. It would be nice if a plug-in like "Readability" wasn't necessary, but it is. So, until you get your design cleaned up, I will use "Readability".