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Tips for increasing your visibility on Google

There are so many factors that go into your placement on the page in a Google search that I am not going to try to list them all here. And even if you can't do them all, every little bit helps. Here are some of the most important:

• Include metatags. These tags are invisible on the page and include keywords and description. They go within the head tag. If your webmaster doesn't know how to do this, contact me. And if you are a webmaster and you don't know how to do this, contact me.

• Use heading levels (H1, H2, H3). The Google bots decide what's important on your page based on that. Don't just use "strong".

• Have a descriptive title (that's the description that appears at the very top of the browser window. The Google bots look at that.

• Have descriptive hyperlinks. Don't ever say "click here", say "see more about ABC widgets", assuming, of course, that you are the ABC Widget company.

• Do "backlinks". Encourage other similar web sites to have a link to your web site. Be sure it says, "ABC Widgets".

• Avoid jpegs and Flash for important content. Use them for decoration. These things are virtually invisible to the Google bots.

Mostly, have plenty of good, solid, descriptive content.

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