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Using your computer as a personal assistant

I have never been important enough to rate a personal assistant. If I were as rich as Tony Stark, I am sure that I would have someone like Pepper Potts to help me. Or perhaps I would have a valet, like Jeeves.

I am, however, wealthy enough to own a computer. And that makes for a great personal assistant. If you look at your computer the same way that you look at someone who is helping you with your business, the same rules apply. You have to be specific about what you need. You have to trust. You have to be willing to invest. And it's your responsibility to make the big decisions.

My computer knows all about me. It has my schedule, my emails, my documents. It knows when my dentist appointments are. If you are not comfortable "being watched" this way, I can respect that. But I don't mind. When I buy ink cartridges for my printer, my computer remembers which one is correct. I have been around computers all of my adult life and I understand what they do. Mostly, they remember things. Flawlessly. I'd like to believe that this frees up my brain to be more creative.

If you would like to use your computer as a personal assistant, here's what you can do: Think of using your computer the same way that you go to work, or shopping. I am assuming that you, like most people, are not engaged in any illegal or immoral practices. If you are, then this won't work for you. Consider that the barista at Starbucks knows how you like your latte, and the UPS guy at work knows to leave packages over at the side desk, not right in front of you. Use your computer the same way. Tell it what you want, and it will do it for you.

I like computers. You ask for things and they bring them to you.

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