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September 24, 2010

You just might need to update your web site if

You just might need to update your web site if

• Your pages stretch all the way across the width of the browser, which was fine in 1998, when most computer screens were smaller. Now it just looks ridiculous. Use a "div", which divides up pages now.

• You have important content in Flash. Even though there will be workarounds to support Flash in HTML 5, it's still a pretty old-fashioned technique. Google has trouble indexing it, users have trouble viewing it (if they haven't already blocked Flash content).

• You have old "javascript" tricks on it, like falling snowflashes, or a "tail" on the pointer tool. Nobody has done this since the 20th century.

• You have a counter with the number of visits on it. That is so 20th century!

• Your links say, "click here", instead of what the content is, such as "find out about ABC Widgets". Google indexes hyperlinks, you know.

• You have annoying, moving, flashing, animations. This was an old trick to try to get the attention of your readers. Now it just makes them click away.

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