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October 20, 2010

Choosing between Google Blogger and WordPress

If you are trying to decide between Google Blogger and WordPress, please rest assured that they are both excellent. In spite of people who may rant about one or the other, they are pretty much the same. They are blog sites where you can post a blog. There are, of course, other ways to post blogs but these are the two most popular. I am familiar with Google Blogger and with WordPress and I have come to some conclusions about which is appropriate for which client.

Google Blogger is your best choice if you are interested in getting indexed on Google search fast. In fact, I have done a Google search literally a few minutes after posting on Blogger and it's there. Well, it makes sense, it's all Google. So, if you like Google and you would like to get the word out fast, nothing comes close.

On the other hand, Google Blogger is commercial. It allows, and even encourages advertising. WordPress doesn't allow advertising. If you are blogging for non-commercial purposes, and have no interest in making yourself famous, WordPress is the way to go. Keep in mind that WordPress reserves the right to pop an ad or two on your blog if they want to, but you can't place Google Adsense, or Amazon ads on it yourself.

Either way you go, remember that you are availing yourself of a free service. My post about backing up your blog is here.

So the choice is yours, and either one is fine. My clients tend to be commercial, or they are interested in getting the word out on a Google search, as a part of their strategy for Google optimization, so I steer them towards Google Blogger. But WordPress is a more "laid back" blog site, so if you just want to blog, go there. I use them both, and they both have their place.

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