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October 23, 2010

The easiest way to manage blog posts on Google Blogger

There are always lots of ways to do something in a software program, or, in this instance, in a blog site. I always say that the easiest way to do anything is the way that you like to do it. If it makes sense to you, don't count the steps, just do it.

When you are starting out in Google Blogger, go to the dashboard. I still use it a lot myself. This is what it looks like:
From the dashboard, as you can see, you can create a new post, edit posts, see all of your comments, change your settings and designs, mange your advertising (that's what they are calling "Monetize"), and most fun of all, check your stats, that is, see how popular you are. You can also change the picture of yourself, and information about yourself (called the Profile).

If you have multiple blogs, like I do, you have to watch out to make sure that you are posting to the correct one. A few days ago I wrote about daffodils in my garden and accidentally posted it here on my professional blog. Not the end of the word, but it can get confusing for your readers.

To read by blog about gardening to to Brad's Tropical Paradise.

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