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How Google AdSense works

I just signed up with Google AdSense a couple of days ago. That means that my blogs, and some of my web pages that I choose, will have Google ads floating around. It's really a pretty straight-forward process, which involves registering, giving Google time to find out if you're respectable, and then going ahead and putting the ads on your blogs and your web pages. Actually, it's kind of fun.

I took a look at how Google pays and it looks like, to me (I'm not not very good with math), to be the most complicated formula ever developed. I think I will earn a fraction of a cent when my click rate reaches a million bazillion or something, unless there is a full moon. Seriously, they honestly say that they really can't say, so just try it out. So I am.

Once you're approved, you can put the Google ads on your Blog. That's as easy as adding widgets, which I'm sure you've done. And for your web pages, you get a little bit of code, which is basically javascript, to insert in your HTML.

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