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How to download free epub books to your ereader

There are now thousands of complete books that have been scanned in by the nice people at Google. These books are in public domain, such as "The Mysterious Island", and can be downloaded for free. The file format that works best is called "epub".

To do this, you will need an ereader, like my Kobo, that accepts epubs. Kindles won't work here, they don't accept epubs. This is actually part of the reason that I got a Kobo. This will also work for an Apple iPad, an Android, a Nook and a Sony Reader.
Select books when searching in Google

Select Advanced search
Go to Google and select "books". From the next screen, select "advanced search". To limit the search to only complete books, that is, those in public domain, select "Full view only" when you do the search. Here in the example I am searching for "The Mysterious Island".

Select Full view only
When you get to the page for the book you want to download, select "epub". This is the format that my Kobo likes. It works so much better than the old "pdf". Epub files allow an ereader to do all the cool things that they can do, such as resize and reflow the text, even display the illustrations.

Download EPUB

Once you have your book, just manage it normally through Adobe Digital Editions, sync it to your Kobo, and enjoy! Excuse me, I'm going back to The Mysterious Island now!

The post on how to manage your ebooks in Adobe Digital Editions is here.