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How to get free public-domain movies onto iTunes

Update 10/9/2011 - this process doesn't seem to work anymore. If anybody has a current solution, please let me know!

Public domain movies, like public-domain books, have gone out of copyright and you are free to use them. I love old books and old movies so I have been recently adding to my collection. Here is how you get movies from the internet onto iTunes.

The format that you need for an iTunes video is MP4. There are many sites on the web that have public-domain movies. Lately, I've been at this one Hopefully, this link will still be working at the time you read this post, but if not, well, just Google "public domain movies with mp4".

Be sure that MP4 is an option
When you find a movie you like, save the link to your desktop (or anywhere on your computer, as long as you can find it again). Here, I just did a right-click and selected "Save Link As...", then saved it onto my desktop. Be sure that the file name ends with .mp4! No, this won't work with other formats, so if the site you are visiting does not offer mp4, keep looking.

Add to Library in iTunes
Once you have it saved on your computer, go to iTunes, go to the top menu and select File>Add to Library. And that's it. It appears as a movie, just like any other movie file in iTunes.

I just downloaded "The Road to Bali". I'm a big fan of Bob Hope and Dorothy LaMour, so I'm watching it right now.