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October 16, 2010

How to get your blog on Google with keywords

Getting your blog on Google searches is pretty much the same as for getting your web site optimized. Start with a title that has the keywords in it. After that, use your keywords generously. No, I don't mean writing a keyword a million times, but instead think of other ways that people might search for the information that you are sharing. This takes some creative thinking. The English language is rich in synonyms, that is, words that mean the same thing. If you want people to find your blog about dachshunds, for example, include the term "wiener dog" and "doxies" as you write. Those words will be indexed on Google. I listen carefully to my friends as they describe looking for things.

 Remember that the "Google bots" (who do the indexing) like hyperlinks. Don't ever write click here, write visit BradHallArt to see some cartoon illustrations.

Of course, don't write anything obscene, or hateful. You are creating an online reputation here. Every word that you type into a Google blog will be indexed in Google, so be sure it's something that you want to say! By the way, if you do say something that you later regret, or if some information changes, just remove your post. Google re-indexes all the time and it will disappear from Google searches after a few days. Don't worry!

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