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How to get your blog on Google with keywords

Getting your blog on a Google search with keywords is considerably easier than doing it on a web site. First of all, of course, make sure that your blog is on Google Blogger. I'm sure that there are lots of good reasons to use WordPress, but getting on a Google search isn't one of them. Over the past year I've been testing this, and this is what I am recommending to my clients now. Google Blogger is for the pros.

A blog on Google is already part of their world, so you don't have to do anything fancy, like using meta tags or stuff. You just have to write well for Google optimization. And by that I mean keywords, that is, the words that people will search for on Google. If you want your blog about how to plant daffodils in Arizona to show up in a Google search, write "How to Plant Daffodils in Arizona", not "hey, check this out, this is cool." If you insist on calling them "narcissus", by the way, you will miss out on a Google search for "daffodils". Don't insist on calling things by some obscure name that only people in your industry know. If you want people to find your blog on a Google search, use the terms that people know.

This is the tough part - write a compelling headline that also includes keywords. I am a teacher and trainer and I often use the "How to" format along with the keywords. But if you are a better writer than me, don't be afraid to do something snappy. As the most famous advertising copywriter in the world, David Ogilvy, once said, "Nobody ever bored anyone into buying something!"