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October 18, 2010

How to make yourself famous on the web

Making yourself famous on the web is the same process as making yourself famous any other way. You begin by having a name. If your name is Archibald Leach, you may want to change it first to something like Cary Grant. But don't use the name of someone who is already famous! Sometimes just a small change can make all of the difference. If there is already a famous James Dean, try using the name Jimmy Dean, for example. You can also become famous by using a name like "The Rock", but you may change your mind about that some day. Anyway, just pick a name.

You will need a face. Most people have one, and famous people like to show them off. When you are posting pictures of your face onto the web, do what celebrities do, be careful. Choose only the best ones. No, you can't completely control your image, some bad pictures will leak out, but you should try. And the ones you post should be the ones you want to see. Also, be sure to name your images. Don't call them "pic_of_me.jpg", call it cary_grant_in_san_diego.jpg (assuming, of course, that you are Cary Grant and that you are in San Diego). If you don't want to use your name or your face, you won't get famous. Avatars of your dog, or your favorite comic character, won't make your face famous. Again, I am assuming that you want exposure.

What actors and models are always talking about is "exposure". You never know who is going to see you when you are out there. So, your quest to get famous on the web is the same. Get out there. Create a web site. Get your name on it, get your picture on it. Write blogs, same thing.

Now get out there, and get famous!

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