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How to watch videos from your iPod on TV without Apple TV

I like the flexibility of watching videos on my iPod on a TV. Watching a video on the tiny screen is just about impossible for me, and I like to watch fitness videos in my home gym in the spare room. But I don't see any reason to invest in Apple TV. This is how I do it.

First of all, you will need to load some videos on your iPod. My post on how to get free video podcasts at iTunes is here. Once you have done that, all you need to do is to get a simple Apple Component AV cable, which you can order online or get at an Apple store. It's just a dock that connects to the AV cables in any television. No, you won't get high definition this way. But I don't care about high definition here, I just want the convenience of being able to watch the videos in my workout room.

There is no need to get a fancy, expensive TV for this. In fact, the one I am using is several years old, and for iPod output, it's fine. This is what you do, buy the Apple Component AV cable (no, don't bother trying to do a home-made one, I tried that and couldn't get it to work), plug it in, set your iPod on the dock, find a video, push play, and start watching. In the picture at left I'm showing how to plug in the AV cables in the front of the TV, but most people will plug them in on the back. It's color coded, so it's pretty easy.

By the way, the silver thing that the iPod dock is sitting on is a combination DVD/VCR player. I don't use that much any more.

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