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October 30, 2010

Not feeling foolish around technology

None of us want to feel foolish around technology. If you've just invested in a nice new computer, or an ereader, or a cell phone, the last thing that you want is to have someone make you feel stupid because of the way that you are using it. It is just human nature. But making the full use out of a piece of technology means setting aside prejudices, and being ready to learn what this new technology can do.

The first thing that I tell people is that they are already very comfortable with a lot of technology. Once you learn it, know it and use it, you take it for granted. And this is why people who are already using a computer, an ereader, or a fancy cell phone can seem so annoying to those who are not there already. To them, it just seems so simple! And you will feel that way, too, I promise.

Please allow me to give an example of people who are being introduced to a lot of new technology, The "Beverly Hillbillies". In this comedy show from the 1960s, the humor comes from how these "country bumpkins" react when they were presented with state-of-the-art technology. Their budget was unlimited, but they were unable to understand how the new technology would help them.

Consider the technology that they had never seen - and it just seems so basic. They knew nothing about running water, they carried the water they needed from their "cement pond", the swimming pool. The object that rang a bell every once in a while was a puzzle to them, they had never seen a telephone. And, of course, they had those porcelain devices for cleaning one foot, and then the other (toilets). If you've ever seen this show, I'm sure that you can think of many more!

So, if you are feeling foolish about the new technology, I can understand. No one wants to be a "bumpkin", and if the people around you just laugh at you for not understanding the technology, that just makes it worse. You have two choices, either ignore the new technology (and a lot of people do), or find someone who can explain it to you with patience. I'd like to believe that I am that kind of person.

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