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Shortcut key symbols on the Macintosh keyboard

For some strange reason, Macintosh keyboards don't show the shortcut key symbols on them, except for the command key. Again, I have no idea why. I make my living explaining computers and computer software in training sessions, so if they got it right in the first place, I would be out of a job! Still, it would be nice if they were printed on the keyboard.

The command key, as I mentioned, does have the little "pretzel" symbol on it on your keyboard. Go take a look. But the rest don't. Let's take a look.

The arrow pointing straight up means add the "shift" key. So, in the example at left, to make a new folder using the shortcut keys, you would hold down the shift key and the command key while hitting the letter "N".

The symbol that looks like an escalator with a bird flying by, or perhaps a frisbee in the air, is the "option/alt" key. So, as in this example, to make a new smart folder with the shortcut keys, you would hold down the option and the command key.

I've been using Macs for years and I usually find most shortcuts use the command key plus the shift key, but it's nice to know what the rest of them are.

Speaking of Mac keyboards, I find the thin light gray type on the white background almost impossible to see, especially when I am typing at night, so I use a keyboard cover from KB Covers.

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