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Why do they make changes in software?

As someone who has been using, and teaching, computer software for many years, I know it well. And I'm sure you do, too. You are happily using a piece of software (or even a web site) that you have used many times, you go to do something, and it's gone!

There are many reasons why software programs rearrange things. Some of it may be just human nature, like moving around the furniture in your apartment because you are bored of it. Some of it is just human error, like forgetting to add a button when new code is written. And most of it, believe it or not, is good intentions.

Software, and web designers, like to make things work. They listen to feedback, and if something isn't right, they like to fix it. If, for example, "Wiener Dog Ultra Violet Filter Extrude" was once under "View", it probably should have been under the sub-category "Wiener Dog Filters", or the sub-sub category "Wiener Dog Filters>Ultra Violet". You see how things can get buried this way.

Another thing that happens to software, and web sites, is they can outgrow their original structure. Lots of cool things that were in Photoshop were moved into Bridge. And I'm sure it makes sense. It doesn't make it any less irritating, though.