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Avoiding common mistakes in typography

Poor typography can make a mess of your web page, brochure, ad, or any visual presentation. The good news is that good typography is easy, and poor typography actually takes more effort. It's all about good communication, and it's really not that complicated. The most important thing that you need to know about typography is that people will need to read it. If you keep that goal in mind, you can't really go too far wrong. Here are some basic rules to follow that will make your typography look good. 

• Use a legible font. The word "legible" means "being capable of being read or deciphered". Selecting a font for your brochure that is made up of paper-clips, for example, is just dumb. It's very difficult to read, or decipher. Good typography does not make reading difficult.

• Use upper and lower case normally. You already know how to write a sentence. You Don't Capitalize Every Word When You Write An Email, so don't do it when you are writing a headline for an ad, or some text for your web page or blog.

• Keep the contrast sharp. Do not put purple letters on a pink background, or over a picture of something. Just because the software has the ability to do it doesn't mean that you should. The best contrast for legible text is black lettering on a white, or a light background.

• Don't "reverse" text. That is, don't put white text on a black, or a dark, background. You might as well ask people to read your text while you are shining a flashlight in their eyes as to make them read a lot of "reverse type". You can reverse type if you have a short blurb, such as "NEW AND IMPROVED!" or "STOP WETTING THE BED!"

As you can see, creating good typography is easier than creating bad typography. If you just don't know how to make a mess of things in the software program that you are using, that is actually a good thing. Visual interest in typography is a wonderfully subtle thing. You can ease into it slowly. But first begin with the basics by avoiding the common mistakes.

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