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Beginning drop-down menu bars in Dreamweaver

Drop-down menu bars are called "Spry" menus in Dreamweaver. Spry is the Javascript that makes them work. The good news is that Dreamweaver has done all of the hard work for you. When you create a drop down menu (a Spry menu bar), Dreamweaver gives you a folder with all of the stuff you need to make it work, in a folder called "SpryAssets". And making the menu items is a fairly straight-forward "fill in the blanks" interface in Dreamweaver. If you just fill in the blanks, and don't touch anything you don't understand, it will work. To get started, go to your insert panel, select layout, and choose Spry Menu Bar.

CSS names in Dreamweaver

If you want to modify the look of the menu item, you need a basic familiarity with editing CSS. Keep in mind that all a Spry menu bar is based on is an unordered list. If you are used to writing, and naming, your own CSS, this may look a little daunting. But keep in mind that all they are doing is trying to create a name that makes sense. In this sample I am showing the CSS for the horizontal menu bar. As usual, the names that Dreamweaver uses are excellent. Take a few minutes and look at them. Create a test file and make some small changes. Stay with what you know. You can change the font, or its size or color, or the background without harming anything. As you gain confidence, go ahead and make more changes.

Personally, I don't trust Dreamweaver's "Live View", so I create a test file, upload it, and view it there. By the way, if you are trying this for the first time and you just see something that looks like an unordered list, with bullets, you have forgotten to upload the CSS, and probably everything else that makes the Spry menu bar work. Upload the whole folder SpryAssets.

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