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November 4, 2010

Should you use Facebook for your business?

Many of my clients want to know if they should use Facebook to help promote their businesses. Generally, I say, no, it's a waste of time, but there are exceptions. Keep in mind that if you do use Facebook, it requires a regular commitment. Creating a Facebook page and then never going back to post anything on it looks, well, kind of sad. On the other hand, it can be a challenge to constantly think of things to say and post if your business is not appropriate for Facebook use.

Facebook is for friends. It helps people stay in touch, share their lives, and share their photos. That's what it does best, and for that, nothing else comes close. That's part of the reason that so many people use Facebook. We like being connected to our friends and family. We like seeing pictures of that big party that we were unable to go to, or of the wedding of our cousin in Australia. And it's nice to be able to post pictures on Facebook and tell everybody to go see them, rather than sending out an endless round of "attachments" in email. If you use Facebook, you know what I mean. If you don't use Facebook personally, I would recommend against using it for your business. It's always good to "know the ropes".

If you use Facebook, and like it, it can be a good place for your business. If you are in the business of doing anything that shows your face, you should be there. Motivational speakers, actors, etc. can get a lot of great exposure on Facebook. If your business is involved with entertainment, or parties, by all means, get on Facebook! If you are selling flowers for weddings, it may be the very best place to be.

If your business is of a more mundane type, for example, you sell industrial widgets for heavy-duty iron-ore refining, Facebook is not the place to be. Facebook posts should be about how you are going to be performing at a comedy club this weekend, not the new furnace in your plant in Cincinnati. So, think about your business, you should be able to decide for yourself.

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