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What is more important for a creative person, talent or desire?

If you've ever watched a show like "American Idol", you may have seen people auditioning that have had you saying "what in the world made them think that they could do that?" And it begs the question for a creative person, what is more important, talent or desire? I have been teaching Graphic Design for many years now, and I really have to put more weight on "desire". Please let me explain.

If you are a creative person, and by that I include all of the arts, including music, dance, as well as all of the visual arts, you are going to have a strong desire. If you are fortunate, you will have some talent, too. In order to be successful, you will need both. If you are the rare person with an enormous amount of talent, you really won't need much desire. People will encourage you!

If your talent isn't that tremendous, but you have a strong desire, I say that you are still in business. Desire is a very strong force that turns into determination. Think about that person doing the audition on "American Idol", especially if they seem to be, well, pretty bad. Think about what it took to get there. They had to practice, they had to find out how to do the audition, they had to physically get to Hollywood, California, and on and on. Sure, they may get a "thumbs down" from the panel of judges there, but they will probably be successful somewhere. It's the person sitting on their couch at home that I don't have much confidence in.

If you want to be successful, follow your desire. Keep trying, make things happen. If you are tremendously talented, all the better. But even if you have just a little bit of talent, your desire can take you a long way!

You can do this!

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