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November 5, 2010

Where your images are stored for Google Blogger

When you insert an image into a post in Google Blogger, it goes to your "Picasa Web Album", which is Google's free web image storage site. I haven't seen any explanation of the name, but it sounds like it's a play on words on the name of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. On the left you can see the images on my Picasa, divided by the four different blogs that I write, plus another one, which is just called Blogger, which contains shared images for all four blogs.

Adding images to blogger
If you've been blogging for a while, and uploading those images to "who knows where", it's probably time to get yourself organized. If you've been sending those images out there without any idea where they were going, or how to get at them if things go wrong, it's time to go get them and store them safely in a folder in your computer. And if you are brand new to blogging on Google Blogger, it's best to create a folder on your computer, calleded "Blog Images" and save the images there before you upload them to your post. By the way, Google Blogger has not been keeping this a secret, where your images are, you can see it every time you add an image to a post. See where it says "from Picasa Web Albums"? And, by the way, you can host your own images anywhere and then go get them from that particular URL.

Downloading images from Picasa
When you signed up for your Google Blog, you got a Picasa web album right along with it. When you go to the Picasa web album site, sign in with your Google ID and password. Find the blog that you are interested in, if you have more than one, click on it, and you will see all of the images used it in. Now, don't get crazy and start deleting photos there - or you will have broken link images on your posts! If you want to download an image, and save it to your computer, which is best practice, click on download, as shown in the image at left.

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