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Color cartoon illustration

I just finished up a cartoon for a new client today. They found me on the web and made this inquiry -

We need a cartoon caricature of our 2 small shop dogs. I'd like them to be playing tug of war with a small car (mini cooper, vw, ? Its for our blog and enews letter header. Interested? Price, time frame please?

I responded that I was interested. I gave a price for black and white, which is what I usually do, and this client explained exactly what they needed, and also that the cartoon should be in color. Here is the rough sketch
This is how I do it. I give an exact price and request 50% deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit, I submit the rough sketch. If you hire an illustrator, this is what they should do. This allows the client to make revisions before the final artwork is done. I pride myself on getting it right the first time, and following the request of the client carefully, and this client was very clear on what they wanted, right down to the exact size and file type (.psd) to be submitted. By the way, .psd means a Photoshop file, but not a jpeg. It's the original file, which has the layers, and can be easily edited. So, if they want to change the color of the Mini from yellow to green, it's a simple process, unlike how it would be with a jpeg.

My post on how to color a cartoon in Photoshop is here

The second step happens when the client pays the remainder and I send the final artwork -
In the world of the internet, you can get exactly what you want. It is much easier and a whole lot cheaper than it used to be. It's all handled with email and Paypal.

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