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December 11, 2010

Creating a blog to promote an idea or a cause

The idea of marketing on the web, and using a blog, is to get your product or service out to the world. Most of my clients are, of course, commercial, and it is to their benefit to get a high listing in Google in order to, well, make money. But the same principles apply if you would to promote an idea or a cause. In other words, web optimization isn't just something to make you rich, it's something that can change the world. Please let me explain.

Creating a blog, using the techniques that I encourage, helps you get noticed on the web, especially in a Google search. If you are selling something, as I am here (which is software training), that is a great way to promote your business. But if you are "selling" an idea or a cause, it works the same way. If you want to make the world a better place, use a blog to get the word out. I recently met with a client who is creating global prosperity. Whether this makes him money or not is really a side issue with him. He is passionate about the idea of helping to end poverty on this planet.

Sound like a tall order? It is! And a blog like this can give you the whole world as an audience.

If you would like to get personal on-site software training in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Dreamweaver in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, please contact me.  Yes, I will also do a training session on setting up your blog on Google Blogger! Paypal accepted, morning appointments only.

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