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Design principles - Contrast

Using contrast is an easy way to show intention. And it's much easier than matching, especially in "the real world", such as interior design. A curtain may look like it matches, under certain lighting conditions, and may not under others.

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On a computer, of course, you can match color and size easily. And that is the easiest way to show intention. The problem with matching everything is that it tends to create a bland and boring design. Yes, you are showing intention correctly, but you want to strive for visual interest. 

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Your goal then, is to show intention without having to match everything. You are now started on the road to visual interest. From this point on, it isn't so easy, but it's fun! That is why good designers are well-paid, and are fun to watch on Home and Garden TV, etc. You start with contrast.

Contrasts achieves intention without having to match. It is a way of avoiding a "near miss" with color or form. You are selecting a color or form that is so dramatically different from the other color or form in your design, that no one would imagine that you tried to match it, and miss. The easiest contrast to white is black. In fact, that's the best place to start with Graphic Design. Make the background white and the lettering black. Shows intention, begins working with contrast. Still a little boring? I thought that you would say that!

Thinking in terms of color, what contrasts well with white? Light beige? No, try again. Faded yellow? Come on, you're not even trying! Ah ha! Your eyes just opened up wide! The possibilities are endless now!

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Now go and do some contrast!

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