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Design principles - Intention

The most important design principle of all is "intention". It means that your design looks like it was supposed to be that way. That is, the hand of the designer can be seen. Things are not just scattered around, they are done intentionally. This is the best place to start learning design. This applies to Graphic Design, Interior Design, any type of design that includes form and color. If you are unable to show intention with your design, you might as well just throw everything together with your eyes shut.

The easiest way to show intention is to make everything match. There is really no better way to show that you intended to do that than by matching. And if a size or a color is just a little bit off, that definitely shows that you made a mistake. It's no good telling people that's what you intended. Slightly crooked looks wrong. Angled looks right. If people are tipping their heads and saying, "uh, that looks wrong", it is. Don't argue with them. You can't follow people around saying, "that's how I intended it to be!" Intention is where you start with design.

Intention can lead to "matchy-matchy" - a common criticism of interior design where everything is the same. When in doubt, go with matchy-matchy. At the very least it will look like you tried. If you would like to achieve intention without matchy-matchy, learn to use contrast. Contrast, done well, can achieve intention without becoming matchy-matchy.

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