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Find out who's talking about you on the web

You don't need any kind of fancy "Google Analytics" to find out what people are saying about you. There is a new feature on Google search called "Realtime".

The example above is for one of my clients, motivational speaker Joel Weldon. After you put your name in the search box, select "Realtime" along the left. This will show not only your Tweets but other people who are tweeting about you. To get to the "Realtime" option, you have to click on the "More" downward-facing arrow (see image at left). I don't know why they hide these kinds of things, this is cool!

This information updates hourly, which what the term "Realtime" is all about. The more entries you see, the more interest your information is generating. If you aren't showing up, you need to write more blog posts with interesting and original content, and tweet them on Twitter.